The Information Circular is now on, and i can confirm that Dundee holds exactly the same number of shares that they held last year, right down to the last share.  memory tells me that it was calculated here on this board that Dundee paid an average of approx $1.60 a share for each of these shares as well.  i can only tell you that it simply blows me away that they have not averaged down at all, nor have they sold a single share.  i don't get it what they are doing.  their 12 million dollars that they invested is now worth about 4 million dollars.  in addition and its only fair to say, that no insider has ever sold a share.


so the task of getting this stock to a position where they can issue equity may be far easier than i ever anticipated.  the steps that i outlined are critical and getting together are great development plan the key to getting this company and stock rocking.  we are only talking about a couple of million shares going around causing all this pain, and that can quickly be handled.  this really changes the game, knowing that these shares are not part of the game.  I know that if i had 12 milion dollars invested, i would put another 1m into the game at these prices especially for the amount it would help this company.

what can you say but wow!  need to think this one through, may have to come off some more sodastream.