Company cannot buy shares until next week, so call it 17 for them.  the 19 most important days in the lives of all of these people.  i could not imagine any board member or executive of this team, or major shareholder showing up at the meeting with this stock at 45 cents.  i would want a screen at the front of the room to catch all the tomatoes being tossed.  who would stand at the front of the room and tell the world that the company has a value of $1.96 a share with well over 100 locations to drill at Michichi each worth several million dollars each, the stock is trading at 20% of its value but they haven't bought a single share?  even the guy that came over from teague may see the logic in buying a couple of thousand shares with his monthly salary he collects from the owners of the company, the shareholders.  if they do it right and get support for the company from everyone and get this stock over a dollar, well over  a dollar where the can present a great development plan for michichi and raise money, they can all get driling and hiring new people and growing this company.  they have 19 days to reverse 15 months of declines, and its not that tough a job.  if they can't see fit to support their upstart company they should resign if they are board members or quit if they work for the company.  thousands of upstarts start out of their garage, with loans from their parents and they become multi millionaires.  everyone at this company needs to pull together as one and make this thing work.  their shareholders, including us original skywest investors have shown more support for this company than any of them have.  the CEO should be at the front door thanking every single one of them for coming and supporting the company.


they can thrive and make this company work, there have been many many oil and gas financings this year, they have 19 days to make it all work, or likely just die a slow death.  does anyone think the Dundee guys will show up?  19 days to work on a great presentation and plan, and a couple million  shares of buying should take this stock well north of a dollar.  we shall if insider trading shows up, and share buybacks, and if someone shows strength and interest i will be there since i sold off some of my sodastream after its great run.  thankfully this is my only little oil and gas company.  it could be great, but it requires people willing to work 70 hours a week, commitment fromt them and their famalies, its no secret how millionaires are made, and its from hard work, and smart work - something this company needs.