this exact trade has happened to me more than once, and why i trade less and less with TD.  at 2.05 pm TD bought 5000 but 2000 of that order was sold by the trader at TD.  they then sit on the bid all day and then you can see they were forced to buy at 47 and 475 with 5 minutes to go.  Its TD using the Anonymous for this trade.  add in some algorithimic trading and you can see why it hard to break a trend the computers push it and push it.  without real buying you can never break this trend and they will just keep pushing it.  the more they push, the more little guys freak the more it goes down.  its why i rarely trade little stocks anymore, but with big stocks i hit the bid or offer and almost never get it, it gets pulled all the time




Recent Trades - All 10 today
Time ET Ex Price Change Volume Buyer Seller Markers
15:55:20 V 0.475 0.03 500 1 Anonymous 85 Scotia K
15:55:02 V 0.47 0.025 1,500 1 Anonymous 79 CIBC K
14:45:58 V 0.47 0.025 10,000 46 Macquarie 79 CIBC K
14:05:32 V 0.47 0.025 3,000 7 TD Sec 79 CIBC K
14:05:32 V 0.465 0.02 2,000 7 TD Sec 1 Anonymous K