I guess i kinda agree with lex based on the last presentation that the company did, could have value of 4 dollars a share because they presented economics for the area.  I averaged down with another 10000 share buy from my high skywest investment.  Lex Steele said he has 100000 at 1.75 and he probably does.  What is surprising it that he does not seem to be buying more shares at the price level and bringing down his average cost. A person with 175,000 dollars, would usually have a few more dollars to buy more shares?  No?  Lex seemed confident in the 4 dollars a share value and one would beleive he would be buying and having all his mates and Al Gore buy too!  Its almost a 600% gain to 4 bucks.  thats what confuses me on this company why we do not have more buying down here, i would think people would be scooping up shares as fast as they could.  Lex i think you can get 100000 shares here below 75 cents, and that would lower our costs to 1.25 and 200000 sold at 4 dollars would give you 1/2 million dollars to play around with.