I was an original Skywest shareholder and i averaged down recently to hold 20000 shares which is it for me.  If you bought 100,000 shares at 1.75 and think this value is $4.00 a share, are you averaging down at this price of 70c?  I too think there is value in the company and the last presentation they had on the website showed lots of value but we may be the only two people that think that way.  Dundee had almost 9 million shares last year but i have never seen an insider report saying they are buying or selling.  Most of the selling recently has been the CIBC and their energy fund held 700,000 shares so they must almost be done selling.  If the company does not care about anything in the market as you say lex, they should just sell the company.  The original management team had three people and now two have left.  Now it feels like all the instituitions are selling out too, we have not got anyone averaging down, managment and board stopped buying in the market, everything seems late and every target missed.  they said an update was coming in december and now its february and still waiting.  is anyone else averaging down here at these prices or did i waste my money.  i like to think there is value there but i feel like i am the only one that thinks that way and i do not know why mutual funds won't buy this stock.  this company is only worth 35 million dollars and whatever the debt is because the shareholders don't know.  i wish i had not bought but i guess it will be my tax loss selling company for 2013.  pray for a miracle.