After reading all of your comments for the past year, I couldn't resist dropping you all a line.  I've been an investor in the oil and gas markets since before Al Gore invented the internet, and before most of you could drive.  And to clarify, this is my livelyhood, not a sidegig.  

My friends, always remember, 90% of the info and posts you see here and elsewhere are from guys trying to move a stock up or down for a limited period to make a quick short-term profit.  Whether it be the condor1's or other scavengers, mis-information is a reality and deeply-rooted part of investing.  You need to look at the fundamentals of a company, and the market in general.  

MQL is rock sold.  That said, the market as a whole is in the toilet.  ALL of IT!  I am blown away by the posts that question why the stock isn't climbing despite positive results... it's not MQL....  IT'S THE MARKET AS A WHOLE.  The eco-political reality of this planet right now is not nice.  Countries are broke, and market's everywhere are down.

****The universe hasn't singled you out and decided to go after your MQL investment***, use your brain.

The reality is NOBODY makes money without someone else losing it.  This brings me back to my point....  the constant "doomsday" posts by a select few are clearly condusive to bottom-feeding daytraders shorting the stock.  BUT DON'T PANIC... let them have there day, let them have there miniscule gains, because the reality of MQL is a BUYOUT.

This isn't a new phenomenon.  The management at MQL isn't stupid, they're PATIENT, and they don't listen to unsubstantiated noise from online forums.  This company is being groomed for BUYOUT.  Do the simple math, don't get caught up in the noise.  Marquee Energy (MQL) WILL BE BOUGHT-OUT AT OVER $4 A SHARE... guaranteed.  That price is even to low, but like I mentioned... it's a bad market.

Thanks for listening, and remember why you invest in any stock... to make money.  Don't let the scavengers on this site scare you into selling at a loss.  Rule#1:  Never sell when your down... I bought 100,000 shares at 1.84 and I sleep fine at night, and to anyone else who is down.... you should too.

Wishing you prosperity,