I am only reading press releases which are available to everyone.  In the November 23 press release they reported that they produced on average for the third quarter 798 barrels a day of oil, and 496 barrels a day of heavy oil, for a total of 1,294 barrels a day.  They reported that they got $79.91 for oil, and $61.49 for heavy oil.  Since then prices have risen quite a bit, especially in 2013.


The press release of January 18, 2013 states the company is currently producing 2300 barrels a day equivalent of which 62% is oil and liquids.  This is almost all oil, as most of their liquids were sold to Bellatrix.  62% of 2300 gives you 1426, and heavy oil is about 500 and light oil around 926.  They also say that two wells will be tied in February and thats about 150 each so we have another 300 taking it to 1726.  Thats very close to 2000 with 11 months of drilling to go.

I think the 2000 barrels a day of oil is going to happen, and 80 dollars a barrel can easily happen and probably exceeds that now.  The company got $79.91 for its oil in the 3rd quarter and the could hedge right now at $95 a barrel for light oil.  I think the math is very good and accurate thank you for your input.