I noticed that todays trading volume was the second highest in the history of this company.  I am an orignial Skywest shareholder and wondered whether there was any news out today other than the press release that I read last week?  My charts show that today was the second biggest volume all the way back to the trading of skywest and it was up 10% today which is a big move up.  I bought some today because I think its the bottom and the upside is very large.  Right now West Texas OIl is $95 a barrel and very soon Marquee will be producing over 2000 barrels a day of oil and that is very different than the old skywest.  If I used 2000 barrels a day X 365 days X 80 dollars for oil that comes to revenue of 58 million dollars.  If Marquee did 6 more wells and that added another 1000 barrels a day, i would have revenue of over 85 million dollars.  It is so much higher than the old skywest and natural gas production.  people do not post here like they once did and i kind of miss iggy but maybe people will come back to this stock now that the bottom is in.  i think west texas will go over 100 dollars a barrel very soon and that should help the stock.  Did anyone else buy today?