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Medicure Inc V.MPH.H

Sector: Healthcare | Sub-Sector: Biotechnology
Alternate Symbol(s):  V.MPH | MCUJD | MCUJ | MCUJF

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Volume: N/A | Day High/Low: N/A/N/A | 52 Week High/Low: N/A/N/A
No data found for V.MPH.H, the primary tickerSymbol is .

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RE:Who's blocking this from going up??

Warren said you never get broke taking profits.  rate and reply
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Any one know if the Instituitions are buying?

  rate and reply
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Who's blocking this from going up??

Who put the wall of shares up at $2.88? Hold your shares and let this go up!!! Bid sitters are just waiting for you to dump now....  rate and reply
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quick double

It said on the Lang and Leary Business Report on CBC that treating heart conditions is going to double in the next couple years.  rate and reply
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management is very astute

They managed the launch of Aggrastat reformulation without any share dilution or additional debt. New acquisition maybe very profitable and help company to partly fund its complete acquisition in...read more
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RE:Am I just stating the obvious?

"The latest acquisition wouldn't have been funded by outside parties unless it had real potential." One of the partners, Knight Therapeutics, can direct manufacturing to the acquisition itself. "The...read more
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Am I just stating the obvious?

It seems to me that the forseeable future should be good for MPH. Here's the logic: The latest acquisition wouldn't have been funded by outside parties unless it had real potential. From MPH's...read more
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RE:RE:Mr. Hoe and 20 million shares

Thanks for the follow up profit. I believe part of Hoie nutri pharma was dealing with soy vitamins.  rate and reply
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RE:Mr. Hoe and 20 million shares

Thanks for that info. Have not been folowing mph much the last 3-4 years it has been a dream that became a nightmare with the failed clinical trial results. I have been plesantly surprised by the...read more
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Mr. Hoe and 20 million shares

Hoe from the Netherlands bought 20 million shares of Medicure at a price of approximately 1 dollar a share before the 15 to 1 stock split. Hoe, being involved in Soy production, was interested in...read more
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Sir Holler, I got in at .20 a share @ 10,000 and was just about to sell this  past week , but decided to hold when I saw your last post!  Big week ahead!  rate and reply
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Hi Sir Holler, Yes you're right on your comments and we will see a cie who can makes the difference between the big competitor. I have mentionned before If you don't jump on the stock right now at...read more
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We do have the recent insider buy at $2.45 and that price presupposes significant growth. The financials say the trade accounts receivable were to 4 customers but that isn`t total customers...read more
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I was quietly wondering the same thing...could not find any info on # of hospitals anywhere... If that post you are referencing is even half accurate, this could prove to be a HUGE winner imo.  rate and reply
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I liked this post from a couple of months ago though I don't know where the hospital numbers come from. rex50   User Actions   May 19, 2014 - 12:06 AM   260...read more
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Still No Trades?!?!

Slap that ask if you want in before Q4 results are released. Dr. Friesen already bought more at $2.45 so he knows what's coming!!!  rate and reply
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Nice Dip

Now's your opportunity to buy, won't stay down for long!  rate and reply
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P&F Chart $8.81 Price Target:

Enter Ticker:  rate and reply
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RE:RE:Friesen buys 4000 shares at $2.45 yesterday

The last financials were for the period ending Feb. The insiders now have approahcing 2 more quarters of data than the market to base their purchase on in addition to the acquisition.  rate and reply
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RE:Friesen buys 4000 shares at $2.45 yesterday

Albert D. Friesen, Ph.D., President and Chairman Albert D. Friesen holds a Ph.D. in protein chemistry from the University of Manitoba. He has been instrumental in the founding and development of...read more