That Tyree is willing to pay material minimums to partner with MP is very significant The technology of joining MP's products with transformers is apparently very portable, both in the many, many 220 volt jurisdications but also in the 110 volt jurisdictions. The expectation/hope is to have a prototype ready to go before the end of the calendar year and to actually be selling product by the end of the first or second quarter. The margins are "healthy" and, though its not absolutely clear, the ballpark guess is that MP's contribution to the Regformer, in percentage terms, is, to be redundant, approximately 50% of the cost. There are significant barriers to the development of the technology comprised of patents, trade secrets, and partnership process with utiliities. The pay back depends on a number of factors but can be as quick as 1.5 years. That is outstanding. This is truly a very exciting development.