Product in up to 500 locations full time at 3 tests average per day at 13 bucks to MOM is 585,000 / month.

The above numbers are more than do-able, it's just a matter of time that someone slaps a 5-10 million a year revenue value on this stock and with small cash burn that goes to bottom line very quickly. I said before and I repeat that the news on the next chain will be key, I think the market may react even if it's just a trial period with the 3rd chain never mind a total product pick up. Once and or if Pharmachoice picks us up officially that will help as well as far as the market beginning to price in the future revs.


I don't feel we wait much longer until a nice move, maybe another 2-6 weeks and then something will give and put us in the next gear which is set at a cruising speed of about 13 - 20 per pop. We are on the shelves (just figuratively) in 76 spots in the next 4-6 weeks and maybe on shelves in another 350 locations full time in the next 8-12 weeks that's short term if you think about it so pricing in some form of revs has to occur in the next 4-6 weeks is a logical guess may take a full 2 months.