going back to late 2008 the stock is in a long term uptrend starting from the closing low of Dec 22 2008 at 0.02 followed by the Oct 31 2011 closing low at 0.05 & the recent double bottom closing lows of Oct 9 2012 & Dec 10 2012 at 0.06. There is still that 0.15 to 0.16 range closing highs barrier that as been the long term resistance starting from Aug 2 2010 high closing at 0.16 & tried on 3 past occasions thereafter on the closing stock price with the most recent last March 14 2012 closing high at 0.15.


The current short term uptrend is very much there as per charting analysis & is in a acceleration mode starting from this recent double low bottom late last year, right now technically the stock is still in a short term consolidation phase & showing the first early signals of ending this consolidation phase to start a new short term upleg.


Technical analysis & charting is not a perfect science & never will be since it's based on past trading without taking into account other market invariables like the fundamental developments of the company Miraculins.


Draw your own conclusions