That's the Billion dollar question Segltech, we need clarity from Management on this.  If Endoglin is part of this test we may be just months away from launch.




Hot talk about bashing, this comment could be perceived as bashing the Management, correct.


1) when one put's your comment into context it sound's like your putting yourself way up high on a pedestal just to flatter your overflated ego towards the bullboard readers & making a demand not even knowing as to what a publicly listed company is obligated to release as material news to the public & shareholders, ho must be because of that self created 48 hours rule, correct


2) or it sound's like a 2 year old child reacting as per his level of maturity because he did not get the candy he wanted, correct


I believe it's a combination of both points of the above.


Hot just be quiet your making a bigger fool of yourself than what you're already are.