I've already stated my investment thesis - it's about 95% aligned with the link I provided.  That's how you know I'm a savy buiness leader, I don't try to re-create what has already been elucidated in the literature, it's called being efficient.  I'm also quite humble in that I believe there are others (other academics) that have a better handle on this than me.  Like I said there are hundreds, no thousands of other article that talk about the value of IP (Intellectual Property), Innovation, market leader status, partnerships, technological advantage, market potentials, present values of future cash flows, sum of the parts analysis and other terms you may not be familiar with.

On the other hand, I can't find any record in the literature of stating that a company of MOM's status with a market cap of $9 million has shares "that are worth zero"  Can you just supply me with one reference other than what you stated?

Nuff said, I don't have any more time to waste on futility.  Case closed your Honour! LOLL!