Ho golly gee the grand investment guru as spoken which your response does not even surprise me one bit. Your response is copying others opinions only if it sound's good to you since you won't reveal your personal thesis only because of your fears, your opinion only come's from the greatest encyclopaedia of the world created by man the Internet, obviously your just one of the 3 types of persons that is about as much acumen you have. 


1) the leader for which your obviously your not just by reading what you post never being satisfied, very critical of all others & never having an open & objective thought in your mind more commonly know as a tunnel vision sufferer


2) the right hand man of the leader which obviously you are not anywhere close to that due to your lack of the correct attributes & attitude to be such a person


3) the follower which are more commonly know as brown nosers that walk & talk like they know everything & obviously you fit those personality traits, so does the sun shine up others you know where


Ask you for an explanation ya right only in your wildest dreams.