I`m sure more people will bail along the way depending on their needs. But for me I think it is worth waiting a couple of months and seeing  just how well PreVu does. Just getting it to this point ( to the public) takes alot of time and effort so 2 more months is nothing.  Come mid March I`m hoping to walk into London Drugs and see some PreVu signage and someone readily available to give me the test. Then I will give them my 20 bucks ,take the test and do some serious ear bending to see how it is being percieved.  If all is well and it continues to roll out in additional stores things could get exciting. So the fact that the stock is cheap (albiet speculative) it`s worth it for me to wait and take a nibble here and there along the way. Also I fully expect a  .10 -.12 cent financing  any day now  to get the ball rolling. Just my thoughts. Do your own DD. GLTA