Jerrio '' Royalties '' which you verified my past statement with a broker they can range between 6 to 10% by industry standards but even at that it is not a given since we don't know the terms of the agreement, could be less could be more. Perfect example Miraculins as a signed agreement with the former owner company of Prevu POC test at a 10% royalty also on the suite of 35 patented biomarkers & developed by Toronto's Mount Sinai Hospital doctors & scientist team Miraculins have signed on a 2% royalty to Mount Sinai, bottom line it's a win win win for all concerned parties.


It's been awhile since I have seen a Canadian biotech pharma micro cap with huge potential, their business model is taking form one step at a time, a business it not built in one day & looking forward to future developments of their story.


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