my experience in trading is the partners of a junior company impose restrictions on what is said to the public until the story has been fully developed
On that point Full you can verify if you so desire they don't have to wait on their developments or '' the story has been fully developed '' they can if they want disclose that information but they are not any legal obligations to do so.
On all other points, Miraculins are holding their cards close to their chest in a very legal fashion they are not in any legal obligation to fully disclose the Alere agreement meaning royalties & so forth that can & will most likely remain between the concerned parties as it is a bargaining chip that others in the future would look into to get a better deal than what Miraculins & Alere agreed to, all part of business but they do need to disclose the revenues which all past revenues are all there as per note 10 in their financial fillings.
On that note looking forward...
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PS Full I don't consider you a small fish & never did the same goes goes to others.