Signing a new deal is just the start of the process. The company needs to agree to move forward with new partners and then discuss how and when the roll-out might happen. I believe there is strong interest and that we will see news of this soon once all parties are satisfied with the arrangements made. No one wants to be left behind in the pharma world. London Drugs doesn't want to see Rexall run away with a new product they don't even have on the shelves in my opinion. The same way Shoppers Drug Mart executive don't want to hear that Rexall is an inivative leader by taking on the PreVu in their stores. These guys mirror each others products on so many levels. They are simply following a formula that already works. If Cold-FX is selling well in London Drugs then you can expect to see it almost every pharmacy in the country because these guys want to cash in on whats hot in the market. PreVu had a lot of media attention with London Drugs and that fact was not lost on all the other mega stores believe me.