Bomdru, look at the history here, every time we have gone a while without a PR then we see an amazing piece of news.  Never fluffy news, just solid news with great substance.  It's becuase during periods between releases Management is working feverishly to cut the next deal.  These deals take several months becuase each one is significant.  Like signing PharmaChoice with 350 stores, that does not get done overnight.  The better question to ask is not where is the news, rather why when we do get news the market doesn't react appropriately?  The Alere deal made us a multi dollar stock after launch.  I can hold on for that easily and watch the PreVu grow and grow as I'm waiting.  A lot of patience required here.  This stock is far more valuable than last March when it was trading at $.13 range and had no deals whatsoever.  That's the disconnect, best thing to do is keep buying or at least holding with patience.

Good luck to us!!

Go MOM Go!!!