I'm not frustrated bomber, bids increasing scope of story broadening big time and I still believe 100% (right or wrong) that there is a need for this product. Mom moves slow on the news front and that's good because it means they are doing it right and so far the latest news proves they are doing it right.


lots of investors think that the company "owes" us small fries, that's true to a certain point. Once revs are in on a regular basis and the company has been fully established then they owe all the investors to run the company ethically morally and with profits with more and more disclosure. We are not there yet so I don't feel they "owe" me anything. They are growing the business and with that comes insider and partner dealings that we are not part of, I like everything about the play especially the broadening of the scope. Do what you want people I could care less but do wish you all well.