Solid & well stated post DCC66.  Jerrio and the rest of the longs as well. Ever notice how our beloved MOM boards quality goes up over the weekend?

I'd be dishonest to say it's not frustrating to watch the profit taking/day trading beat this up however temporarily the last few days.  I started accumulating mom and averaging down which is contrary to the norm for me several months ago based on what was a perceived value in the preVu technology.  I thought a realistic target was .50 back then if things started to fly.  I now think that is short sighted. 

I only see the picture vastly improving as things are developing. For those that have the intestinal fortitude and savy for day trading  I wish you well. I have played at it in the past with minimal success.  I maintain that picking up on developing value plays such as we see developing here with Miraculins, getting in at the ground level and holding intelligently, not blindly will be the best reward. Its never wrong to take profits.

 Good weekend to all and may your taxes decrease :O)