Longs, try and fully understand the value of your shares.  The PreVu technology took $12,000,000 and ten years to develop.  The Pre-eclampsia technology has taken 3 years of development and several millions to bring it thus far.  PreVu is just rolling out in 2013 and an Eastern Pharmacy Partner is iminent.  By next week we might have an Alere partnership in a test that is worth several hundred millions per year.  At $.10 our market cap of under $10 million is probably about 1/3 of what we should be trading at on PreVu alone. If we get an Alere deal then we are a multi dollar stock in time.  Do not do the chump dump and sell out when the much larger gains are coming soon.  Whoever sold 57,000 shares at 9 cents at the open today already regrets it as we will undoubtedly will open higher and run tomorrow.  MOM is not a $.10, $.20 or even $.30 cent stock - it's a $.50-$.75 cent stock with an Alere deal and a lot more in 2013.  Even Mellon and the boyz paid $.11 for their shares in the last financing. Today we saw real buying interest and tomorrow a lot more, make them pay.

Follow the smart money;