Thats something you have never been able to do patty or hottyoffthepress. Before the launch at london drugs there were many quiet days with very minimal volume. I was buying then and you were just pretending to nibble.  As far as Vanhopes 6 line poem?   6 might be the number of remaining brain cells you have left hot!.

   Dump your measly shares because its obvious to all except foolmeal that you have lost it! Pumping endlessly while we hover near yr lows in sp. You are going insane, creating a new username to support your junk? Sell, move on, you likely will need a therapist come the 1st of janmuary when the sp stays under .10 cents and .35 cents nowhere to be seen in the near term. Perhaps if you exit your only stock and head to the sidelines with some xcash, your remaining cells will also survive.  More importantly the rest of us may see some appreciation? Afterall seems like you are bad luck to mom, whatever you have tried has failed. Give it a rest and let the stock prove itself without the hinderance of your useless spamming and pumping.