ok board enough is enough,lol. Seems the resident pumper has run wild with buyout rumours etc.etc. All this while we have not traded squat today. And somehow there are as they say in the lookin for suckers sales business 1-2 born everyday,lol!  

 Hence foolmeal couldnt sell water to rabbits in the desert and bomdrou who follows the pied piper like vermin off the cliff. Anyways I will refrain and let u gals and guys fully appreciate every day of going to bag me some cheapies?   A usa launch? A major scooping us up? 3 yrs of Alere surely they wouldnt walk away? If only I had some dry powder? And lets not forget all those rehashed headings by balboni and crew,lol!  kdm has done his job the board is yours wussyhotoffthepump!