Deesgold ....There are still people who will weigh putting out $19.99 and having results within minutes telling them "You're o.k. ...or get to your doctor now" against the hassle of 1) making an appointment.and maybe having to take time off work or school, 2) not eating for 24 hours, 3) paying for parking, 4) waiting  for your turn on appointment day while reading out of date magazines with your stommache growling, 4) getting stuck with a needle and finally 5)  waiting to hear about the results by letter or phone call.

I think alot of people will pay $19.99 for the convenience and immediate results if they're concerned about vapour locking in the McDonalds drive through as they rush about their daily business. Most working people who don't brown bag it spend more than that in a day on fast food and coffee.  The price is not prohibitive to the targeted market. imho

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