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Miraculins Inc V.MOM

Sector: Healthcare | Sub-Sector: Diagnostics & Research
Alternate Symbol(s):  MCUIF

Miraculins Inc is engaged in the acquisition and development of diagnostic opportunities in areas where there are unmet clinical needs. The Company's three primary technology programs are in the areas of cardiovascular disease, diabetes & maternal health.
Price: $0.16 | Change: $-0.02 | %Change: -11.11%
Volume: 20,700 | Day High/Low: 0.16/0.155 | 52 Week High/Low: 0.75/0.09

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What happened to the execution of the China deal.

June 25 NR. "I am pleased to confirm that we have now finalized the major aspects of the Agreement for the exclusive distribution of Scout DS® in China by Cachet, and that the signatory parties have...read more
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The chase is on

beauty, more volume would be nice but it's pretty clear things are lining up, glad I'm in the play  rate and reply
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RE:RE:Are we heading towards 11

The only thing worse than this over diluted underperformer isyour unmatched level of disgust hotoffthepress! Bagholdersupreme posting as yet another username once again because you have lost all...read more
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RE:RE:RE:One question I do have

Fullmealdeal ....   MOM has always had problems raising financing.   Go on Sedar and look at her financings over the past couple of years  ( about every three months ).    You will see that every...read more
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RE:RE:RE:RE:I see are bashers are back

" silvert " please copy and paste where I have " bashed "  as you imply.     I state the facts which is not bashing.   Just because you have lost money on MOM ( after lots of us warned you ) you don't...read more
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RE:Are we heading towards 11

I think that you are a wig wam and a tee pee.  rate and reply
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Are we heading towards 11

Still puzzles me, that low financing, said before too bad, hope news breaks soon. I see another 70,000 is available at 15 that's a lot of pre consolidation shares. Today is 1 month but for me now I...read more
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RE:RE:RE:I see are bashers are back

I see you changed your name .........so I get to hear your comments rider. To answer your question.........this is health care in China . Not hard to look up. Shift to privatized healthcare brings...read more
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RE:RE:One question I do have

I know why they did the PP but why now if news breaks next week they would have got more than 11 cents is my guess, this kind of tells me no news next week, but you could be right it was a gift to the...read more
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RE:One question I do have

The PP will obviously provide them with some working capital and it will provide some of the insiders with an opportunity to get some really cheap shares.  rate and reply
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One question I do have

We are expecting news anyday now or maybe not but in any case if news is due soon why do the PP now because the news that is due could be really good and thus the PP would attract a better price if...read more
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Obviously everyone is waiting to see if the deal with China actually closes next week. It has been delayed so many times before that it would seem that the Chinese have been stalling with the hope...read more
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" Silvert " / " Jerrio "  .....         The real significance always shows up in the way the stock trades  after a news annoucement is made.  As seen below it doesn't look good  ....    down 9.68% and...read more
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RE:Miraculins Announces Publication of Peer-Reviewed Study

Once again " Jerrio " you are the last horse out of the gate.    Take a look at the bullboard before you post and you will see that " silvert " already posted the article approx 3 hrs. before you...read more
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RE:RE:I see are bashers are back

What significance  " silvert " ??       The significance that I see is what you should be able to see also in Miraculins financial statements on SEDAR.   there is no demand at all for her products at...read more
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Miraculins Announces Publication of Peer-Reviewed Study

Miraculins Announces Publication of Peer-Reviewed Study That Demonstrates Scout DS® Is a Viable Alternative to Current Pre-Diabetes and Type 2 Diabetes Screening Methods   Study Shows Scout DS...read more
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RE:I see are bashers are back

Can you grasp the significance of this news in countries like China and India . Do Screening Methods V.MOM | 1 hour ago Study Shows Scout DS(R) detects abnormal glucose tolerance just as well as...read more
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I see are bashers are back

Screening Methods V.MOM | 1 hour ago Study Shows Scout DS(R) detects abnormal glucose tolerance just as well as Fasting Plasma Glucose and HbA1c testing without blood draw or fasting WINNIPEG...read more
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Cheap Financing

They sure let those shares go for cheap, too bad the market doesn't think they are worth a little more than that. I see the scout test got a little backing as well, long road yet but well worth the...read more
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It is usually a bad sign when a stock goes down on above average volume as MOM did today as seen below.    Going to have to check to see when her next financials are coming out .   They will show...read more