You are the clown from SPH?

From which wages are you speaking? Look at their financings on sedar and you will see that nobody is getting big wages from this company. The only what this people are getting are share options with  no value, the lowest were at 10c, so the mos people from this company are working without getting any money for it.

Additional they have cancelled all reverse split, the only question here will be do we want 120 Mio shares out and fresh money or do we want 40 Mio shares out and fresh money. Its like every small company in canada, they need fresh money to drill again at Hislop and to drill at Goldstorm like their plan is.

I wish you a nice weekend and go back to your loser stock SPH. They have lost in the last year also 70% of his value, and Spag has lost more than 99% of his value. Compared with this stock MNV has done the last year very well.