Hi Richard,

Not sure the clamp down is working very well.  Mackie is recieving a 7% cash commission and also recieves options for 2.1 million shares @ 50c for the next two years.  If things go well for Monument as everybody is hoping, it will turn out to be a lot more than a 10% commission.  

The share price was around 65c before the 1st round of PP's.  If MMY goes back to only trading at pre PP levels in two years, their options will be worth 2.73 million and they will make an extra $630,000.  This works out at an 11.2% commission.  

What I would like to see is transparency on who is taking up the PP's.  This is the only way us small time shareholders will know whether management have changed their tune.  What is the old saying about a leopard and his spots?