Within the next couple of weeks, we will have the last quarters financials.....along with the Management Information Circular for the AGM in March


Goldmet may force new Directors onto the board by way of a Independant Information Circular, so shareholders may have a chance to vote for them and change the BoD.

I spoke with management yesterday about noon Toronto time, which was early BC time, asking for explanations. The cease trading order was asked for by Management to clearly state what they men't by the initial MMY new's release

The PP is still on, they want the money to advance the Mengapur project now, in fact it is been worked on right now construction of new facilities, and drilling. It was mentioned in the conversation that they want to advance the Mengapur Project the same way they did the Selingsing Project ....by going ahead and growing into it.

I agree with commencing the Mengapur Project......but I don't agree with the large dilutionary private placements....further to that, I will just wait to see what's in the Management Information Circular , and then decide which way to vote ....it will not be like the last AGM....... Richard