I have had problems trying to tonight....I kept getting the sign saying "profane words" but I couldn't find them......so I will try this way

In the Management Information Circular from SEDAR, referring to the last AGM, it only listed one majority shareholder (more the 10%), and that was  (Jean-Edgar de Trentinian 23,660,003 13%)

No other large shareholders were mentioned.

But in the NR from GoldMet states that GoldMet has picked up 30  million share, giving GoldMet 14.4% .....someone had to have those shares....how come they were not mentioned in the Management Information Circular for the 2011 AGM?


AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS, Jul 16 (MARKET WIRE) --GoldMet B.V. ("GoldMet"), announced today that further to its newsrelease of July 12, 2012, it has acquired ownership of 30,000,000 commonshares (each, a "Monument Share") of Monument Mining Limited("Monument"). The purchased Monument Shares represents approximately14.4% of those issued and outstanding. The common shares of Monument arel