Dear Shareholders

We have won and accordingly all private placements are cancelled.

We also have an active major shareholder with enormous business skills.

The share price is going to go through the roof and I hole you all enjoy this good fortune.

I thank you all for the tremendous support, I apologize to any party I offended.

GUYZOO is off air for the next little while, warm weather holiday previously booked.

For the record my previous blogs about myself are honest statements and I'm only a retail investor not associated with anybody.

I for the record support what ever GoldMet measures are in place as long as they do not include a Private Placement.

Thank you regulators, I can't imagine the pressure you where put under with all this stuff. Sleep well knowing your actions have gone a long way in helping the equity markets for the sake of all shareholders.



Pursuant to this:

  • GoldMet, the largest shareholder of Monument, has agreed to withdraw the concerns that they had previously expressed.
  • GoldMet will support Monument's intention to pursue the reinforcement of its presence in Malaysia, satisfying Monument's commitments to the government across a range of community and social responsibility initiatives.
  • GoldMet will support Monument's management and Monument's progress in the development of the Mengapur Gold Project, the extension of the gold deposits portfolio and is confident in the future of Monument.
  • Monument has cancelled the previously contemplated $80 million brokered private placement led by Mackie Research Capital Corporation, and, with the support of GoldMet, will pursue other options to satisfy its planned capital expenditure requirements. Both companies will work jointly in relation to such options.