University, I have no allegiance to any parties related to MMY, I am simply a long-term shareholder living in the Metro Vancouver area, with concerns about an investment - one which should have paid-off by now based on the companies financial details and prospects on which I'd made my initial investment decision.  I question all of the related parties including management on what game they are playing - as they are supposed to be working in the best interest of all shareholders primarily focused on an appreciating share price. 

I have no knowledge of who "Guyzoo" is, and whether he is working on behalf of any of the interested parties or simply a shareholder like myself, but I have to wonder WHAT INTEREST your "University Team" has in this blog and in MMY.  If you are truly interested in "Blogs" and how this particular blog is playing out (like a soap opera) then you should not be calling-out any of the players, you should be observing and documenting the dialogue and characters.   You should not have any interest in the particular company MMY nor should you make any comments regarding the company, it is of no relevance to your studies of blogs.  WHAT IS YOUR TRUE INTENTION HERE AND WHO ARE YOU WORKING ON BEHALF OF?