Marlin Gold rights offering
Marlin Gold Mining Ltd (C:MLN) 
Shares Issued 192,390,807
Last Close 2/14/2013 $0.07
Friday February 15 2013 - Rights Offering
The company will offer to shareholders of record on Feb. 21, 2013, rights to purchase shares of the company. One right will be issued for each share held. Eight cents and 1.026 rights are required to purchase one share. The expiry date for the rights offering is March 25, 2013. As at Feb. 5, 2013, the company had 192,390,807 shares issued and outstanding.
Effective at the opening, Tuesday, Feb. 19, 2013, the shares of the company will trade ex rights and the rights will commence trading at that time on a when-issued basis. The company is classified as a precious metals exploration and development company.
Basis of offering:1.026 rights exercisable for one share at eight cents per share Record date:Feb. 21, 2013 Shares trade ex rights:Feb. 19, 2013 Rights called for trading:Feb. 19, 2013 Rights trade for cash:March 20, 2013 (Trading in the rights shall be for cash for the three trading days preceding the expiry date.) Rights expire:Monday, March 25, 2013
Trade dates
March 20, 2013, to settle March 21, 2013;
March 21, 2013, to settle March 22, 2013;
March 22, 2013, to settle March 25, 2013;
March 25, 2013, to settle March 25, 2013.
Rights trading symbol:MLN.RT Rights Cusip No.:571175116 Subscription agent and trustee:Computershare Investor Services Inc. Authorized jurisdictions:British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario
For further details, please refer to the company's (final) long form prospectus dated Feb. 6, 2013.
The company's (final) long form prospectus has been filed with and accepted by the British Columbia Securities Commission pursuant to the provisions of the British Columbia Securities Act.