"Mobile Service Providers are known as Independent Diagnostic Test Facilities (IDTF). To add a new procedure, such as 3D rendering, to our offering we have to receive state approval for all of the states in which we operate. We just received clearance from the State of New York in August," commented Scott Sokul president of AR Testing. "The benefits of using 3D are very rewarding. Visualize's 3D results give us more help to better understand luminal integrity than conventional Doppler ultrasound. 3D gives you more detail than 2D - it is as simple as that."

"Medipattern is pleased that Visualize has been shown to make a positive impact for the patients in the practices which mobile ultrasound providers serve. Mobile ultrasound providers once approved can add significantly to our total volume of business, with customers ranging from 500 to 5,000 carotid scans per month," commented Jeff Collins, CEO of Medipattern. "Our mobile customers are beginning to receive their approvals and should start to add into our total scan volume in the coming quarters and can make a significant impact on Medipattern's volume. We welcome them to our customer family."