Hi All, while dated NOV 2012, I don't believe this document has been posted before.  It is a presentantion by Jeremy South who is the Deloitte contact for Majestic Gold.  His team are the ones presenting them with opportunites for possible M&A consideration.

On page 12, Majestic gets a mention..


The Gold Developer Index is a price-weighted index where each constituent makes up a fraction of the index that is proportional to its price. The constituent stocks are: Majestic Gold Corp, Focus Minerals Ltd, Sihayo Gold Ltd, Indochine Mining Ltd, Kula Gold Ltd, Acuvax td, OceanaGold Corp, Northern Star Resources Ltd, Saracen Mineral Holdings Ltd, Vista Gold Corp, Tanami Gold NL, Ramelius Resources Ltd, Crocodile Gold Corp

Not sure what significance of this is but the presentation itself give a good overview of Chinese M&A activity in the mining sector.