SC - I have to say you have one hell of a system to gather all MJS information that is on the web.  Thank-you for always posting it and sharing it.  From a fellow shareholder, it is appreciated!

Althought it is great to see Majestic starting to market itself better and starting to keep investors better informed through newswires and releases, it is at the point - and almost beyond the point of "do it, don't talk about it, just do it - DELIVER".  This management team has done some good things, but they've totally understimated "timing" - and for shareholders, that is a terrible thing.

All said, my core position is in tact and will be until we start to see higher grades.  Small Swing trades make this investment tolerable when I have the time to (not too often), but I want to see results - this is a results oriented business - so Majestic better start showing that - and soon!

Once again, thank-you.