That's clearly the first step out of darkness..published via MAJOR market wires (besides Yahoo,, etc), also on Bloomberg, Reuters..

I guess, after this corporate update release, we can feel relief.

My personal view:

 1) Appointment of Mr.Miao - welcome aboard. He is just the right person at the right place and the right time. Licensing has been an issue here. I'm really happy to see him being appointed. Additional value coming soon. Priceless.
 2) We have a chronological description - a king of company's Curriculum Vitae available now, to all existing (congratulations for resisting the tremendous stress, we have been facing over the last few months) and potential NEW investors. This is an ID card. Extremly pleased.
 3) Head grade control has been an issue here. Assay Lab is an excellent solution. Based on this fact, I am expecting multiplication of ounces produced VERY SOON.
 4) M&A - it looks like we have an acquision of additional ounces pending. It could add to company's value (share price) significantly. At present gold price the NPV should be at around 1.3 billion dollars - C$ 1.50 a share, compared to C$ 0.12 a share currently trading. Additional ounces at reasonable costs can add a lot.
 5) HKEX listing - it makes sense, to do it after basic issues and items listed above have been resolved/value upgraded - breakthrough has been achieved already with the way of thinking and having a clear vision and a clear plan how to approach it..
 6) Corporate Structure simplification - it means less financial gymnastics for future investors - it removes the fog from our mine - we know what we have. There will be no fear, we will get robbed via the so called "creative accounting" policies in the future - it is a positive fact too.
 7) Goals for 2013 are reasonable. We will start to become a significant gold producer and get also a proper valuation.
 8) The answer to Smilingcanuck - yes, it looks like they started to begin reading our calls and jawns here and elsewhere. Let's hope it stays that way. They have always been lacking and lagging shareholder communication.

Media coverage - they have just broken the ice. All major anaylists/ media houses, can cover Majestic now.  I think we see lots of attention in the weeks ahead.

Thats why I think, this is HUGE for us. It is the first normal step. We can start  feeling much better about the future of our investment. We can start promoting the company again. I hope to see more news (regular production updates, corporate events updates) from now on. Congrats! Fasten your seatbelts, time to take off.