As a long time shareholder - started accumulating in November of 2009 -  I can honestly say I've never seen anything like this from Majestic.  They have been low-key and understated when it came to press-releases to the point of total frustration.

This is, without a doubt, the most comprehensive thing I've seen.  Recaps their progress over the past 3 years, showcases their progress to date, and hell, even details what their plans are and how/who will help them achieve those goals.  Almost like this jr gold producer turned the corner and became an adult or something.  I do hope - big time - that this is the start of better communication to their shareholders.  It really has to be if they want to be valued properly in the market.

To that end, the hiring of the Minmetals ex-president is huge and adds total legitamacy to their Chinese operations.  With his relationships, I sure hope that helps licensing, which in turn will help production and grade increases. Minmetals is huge - if you look them up, it is very impressive. 

I like the fact they are looking to simplify structure, increase ounces and also expand their Song Jiagou footprint. 

I also like the special section dedicated to smiling canuck.  One of the good researchers on the board that, like all of us, became very frustrated.  It is nice to have clarity on that aspect.

All in all, I applaud this Corporate update. Long long overdue, but also, perhaps at the right time and stage of the company...

Looking forward to the weeks ahead!