unfortunately, there is no such thing as  "WE". It is THEM, with all the privileges living like kings and it is  "WE"- us shareholders, left in dust without production updates, without HKEX listing updates, without  updates on the most basic things that had been promised to us and for which we have invested into this company and it is us without any protection. We don't even know if the company is processing material illegaly (lacking production licences) and what are the real causes for one year+ HKEX listing and production goals delays, and the reasons for the absence of any marketing campaign. We know that CEO sold his own shares last year following the pump and dump report by the german Hot Stock Investor buy recommendation. We don't know, who and for what reason, has been pushing the stock price down over the last few months.

These are the things preventing serious investors from showing interest in "our" company's shares. I hate bashing my own investment, but it is clearly the worst investment decision I have ever made in my life.

mit freudlichen grüßen/friendly regards