I share your frustration and I am embarrassed that I have hung in this long with a company that has so little regard for it's shareholders it. I sold most of my position earlier this year but hung onto 100,000 shares, which I've been trying to get out of for a week now,  because the story seemed so good.

I can only come to one conclusion, there has to be a serious fly in the ointment the company doesn't want to talk about. I'm can only speculate but I know that there were villagers that had to be relocated and compensated in some way, and the company never talks about it, heck they don't talk about anything.

Anyone who wants my last shares can have them tomorrow at .135, there are too many other opportunities out there that my money has been missing out on.

Good luck to those that stay, I'll keep MJS in my watch list and may come back to it if management ever starts acting like management.