Dear fellow investors,


As a long term investor, I must admit,  I have lost my all my patience here.

The set up for my long term investment came from this Al Korelin video from 2010.


- CEO promised  Mine Plan till December 2010 (watch the video from 5:00 on)::: WHERE IS IT??

- The full licence has been planned till end of the First Quarter 2011:::WHAT'S HAPPENED TO THAT??


-  Full production was promised for Q2-Q3 2011 (!!!) - miserably FAILED to deliver

- There was a plan FOR ADDITIONAL EXPLORATION (drilling) and expansion to the North - you must have been kidding -- sweet words of Master Pinocchio.

- The company has also MISERABLY FAILED to COMMUNICATE with shareholders and FAILED to DELIVER THE BASIC NEWS AND CORPORATE UPDATES PROPERLY (who reads SEDAR fillings every day??)

- Based on German Hot Stock Investor  BUY recommendations from early 2012 - I have doubled my position (who paid them anyway??). What a fraud.

- The stock price is falling like a rock (hit the 52-week low just today):: No wonder why.


I think, these are the facts, also the BCSC should look into. They keep spending our hard earned money and trust. And they couldn't care less about us.