Indeed, they are on the short side of the 5000oz line, and based on their graph in their presentation, it was expected that they produce over 5000oz in Q4.  My view, based on the graph, was that they would produce anywhere up to 6000oz in Q4.  That said, from the metal show in Germany, it looks like the mill was being optimized for approximately 2 weeks.  That may be the reason for the shortfall.

It is still not acceptable that they set targets and note them in shareholder presentations on their website, and fall short of these targets.  Shareholders have to hold them accountable.

The bigger thing for me is to see progress in Q1, for which we are halfway through.  Also, how much gold was sold.  It was indicated at the German show that some of the gold stockpile MJS had was sold when the gold price was high in Sept/Oct, so we could be loooking at additional sales of 3500oz or so.  Could be a big quarter depending on when they sold and the amount they sold.  Hopefully sales are of over 6000oz in Q4 and yeild a $10M final quarter... until then, we wait, and hold them to their production graph below: