I think your sentiment is shared by all MJS shareholders right now.   Rod's M.O has always been the same - silence for shareholders and when news is announced, announce it on BS Stockwatch so no one can see it.  Dumb Dumb Dumb. 

Perhaps it is because his timelines, when he does open his mouth, are dead wrong.  Point in case:

-Nov 2010 Video indicated the mill should be ready by mid-year 2011, and it was.  The insinuation was that this would quickly ramp up to full tonnage. Instead, it was not fully commissioned for 9 months, nor was it running at full capacity.

-Nov 2010 video stated full production (100,000oz would be achieved by fall 2011).  Talk about Over-promise and under deliver -  they were 15 months off the mark, 12 of which have now passed.  Only now are we on the trajectory to 100,000 oz starting Jan 1, 2013, per the latest presentation.

-From several videos, HK listing was talked about as early as fall 2010.  Two years later, they have not progressed in any meaningful way aside from getting NewMargin involved. 

All aside, I am here for March 2013 and May 2013, when Q1 and Q2 will be announced, where they are targeting 12k oz gold produced and 25k oz gold produced (and this is per their mine plan last month). Surely when predicting the gold produced for the next 3 months and 3 months going forward, they will have an accurate idea of their production.  They are at the high-grade zone now...  Below is what I am waiting for and they sure as heck better achieve their own targets...