The quarterly gold trajectory in the goldletter is an old trajectory that was noted around March of 2012.  They have since revised the trajectory to the gradual increase as seen in the May and September presentations. Presumably, this had to do with either the mine plan not being complete in March or a license not being obtained for the higher grade zone.  Not sure exactly, but i certainly don't expect that Majestic will have a sharp increase.  To manage my own expectations, I am following their gradual increase of:

-Q4 ended Sept 30 2012: 7000 oz.

-Q1 ending Dec 31: 10,000 oz

-Q2 ending March 30: 12,000 oz

-Q3 ending May 30: 15,000 oz

-Q4 ending Sept 30: 25,000 oz.

This would give MJS revenues (reported in February and March of 2013) around 12M & $17M (assuming gold produced = gold sold).  This is really my decision point.  Can these guys deliver?  I'm growing very very tired of Rod's incompetence, but if they hit these trajectories, then it doesn't matter what Rod does, it matters what Mike and the China team does because Revenue and profit will drive the SP, rather than that waiting on our incompetent, shareholder loathing CEO to actually do his job, be an ambassador for the company, treat shareholders with respect by providing timely info, etc.

Love the website with pictures from 2010... just incompentece in every area. My god, talk about un unsavvy CEO to preside over this garbage.