Its now 5 months old, but its an interesting site (also for other stocks):


Summary (from last analysis - 04/27/2012)

Majestic Gold is an emerging mid-tier producer. They will reach full production of 140,000 oz in about 18 months. Their Song Jiagou flagship project in China is a very low cost mine ($350 per oz) and will produce very high cash flow of more than $100 million for 22 years (if gold prices remain high). The NPV of the project is $1 billion at $1500 gold. The capex is very low at $64 million. Majestic Gold owns 75% of the project. With a fully diluted market cap of only $127 million, they are selling for about 1x cash flow once full production is reached. Thus, it is an easy 2 bagger. However, they do not have a pipeline and they have extreme share dilution which could keep investors away. Also, the location of China is not considered a safe investment location for many investors. For this reason, I have only given them a 2.5 rating. However, if they have some exploration success and can expand the resource beyond 3 million oz (75% = 2.25) and expand production to 150,000 oz (75% = 110,000 oz), that could easily boost this stock to 5 bagger territory. It's not an exciting stock, but it does have potential from that very long cash flow stream."
Note from me: Its not correct, that the analyst counts with 75%. Majestic Gold Corp. is a JV, so the numbers must be count at 100%.