On http://apps.cnbc.com/view.asp?country=US&uid=stocks/ownership&symbol=mjs.v Fan Zhong Kong (Owner Dahedong) and New Margin Ventures are added. 

Regarding the top holders I get at minimum 385 Mio shares not in freefloat ( I don't know all the shares for commision, warrants and so on) Maybe someone can correct it.


6,9 Mio • Rod Husband (=1,2Mio$)

X  Mio   • Management Majestic (Vicarage report 3/16/11: 100 Mio for whole Majestic Gold)

69 Mio  • Fan Zhong Kong (chief Dahedong) (=9,7Mio$)

30 Mio  • Lei Wang (Dahedong)

20 Mio  • Yi Dong Chen (Dahedong)

20 Mio  • Ying Liu (Dahedong)

20 Mio  • Hui Wang (Dahedong)

20 Mio  • Chao Zhao (Dahedong)

50,9 Mio• CMR

66,7 Mio• New Margin Ventures (China)

113,3 Mio• chinese Funds, banks and so on (8 institutions)..


CMR and the new chinese Holders are not added yet, maybe when they are listed in Hongkong (?)