Hi SC,

My understanding of the drilling was that Majestic started to use one drill to investigate if there was an extension of the gold zone as they suspected.  I believe it was decided after some initial minor drilling to focus on the mill, comissioning and removal of the Halo around the high grade zone to get the current resource going, rather than to spend time and effort to completely define the area, and quantity of gold in the extension.

If memory serves me correctly the video came out in Nov 2010 and Rod said he expects to release results shortly (which, obviously, we never saw). The earliest shareholders saw any mention of things was in a german newsletter that indicated the potential 600k oz extension and depth increase to resources (noted in the May presentation) - and as posted on finanzen.net by some poster.  They certainly weren't pursuing the first recommendation by Wardrop.

All that said, this is just another example of the issues most shareholders have with Rod.  Your points are very valid, but as shareholders, we don't really know the full story on the drilling part.  Germans are not happy, North Americans are not happy and the lack of visibility and plan continue to be an issue for shareholders.  It certainly doesn't make me happy.

I don't know what it would take for Rod to wake up, but it is frustrating to see his method of operation... the quicker they ramp up and get taken out, the better. 

Vote accordingly.  NewMargin better hold people to a higher standard...