Gold production update below:

4800+ oz produced.



I'm not happy with the results (lagging according to their own forecasts - see youtube videos 2010 and previous news releases, but I also think, we've seen the bottom. Licensing process going on, HKEX listing proceeding well, mill looks repaid, high grade zone just there..We can go only up from here.

Another wonder/miracle from page 10:

Gold revenue from the Songjiagou Mine for the three months ended June 30, 2012 was $6,797,853 (2011 - $2,620,658) on the sale of 3,215 ounces (2011 – 1,893 ounces).

As stated - the average price per ounce they got has been a whooping 2114 $ (6.8 mln for 3200 ounces, lol...  Nobody even checks the press releases coming out of the company. Business as usual..


Cheers, G.