As Majestic is íncapable to promote their work, I have to do it for them: 

According May Presentation 2012 we expect 6000+ ounces production for the last quarter (Q3 see below), and maybe positive cashflow. Since beginning May they  have hit the highgrade core area, so maybe they can even surprise us:

Production Forecasts:

Q2: Jan - Mar 2012 was  5000 ounces (sold: 3327ounces)

Q3: Apr - Jun 2012         6000 ounces

Q4: Jul - Sep 2012         7500 ounces

Q1: Oct - Dec 2012      10500 ounces

Q2: Jan - Mar 2013      12000 ounces

Q3: Apr - Jun 2013      15500 ounces

Q4: Jul - Sep 2013      25000 ounces

according to my calculation, Majestic has now a stockpile of 3571 ounces (doré bars) collected = 5,9 Mio Dollar that can be sold strategically. They have over 40 Mio $ in cash on the bank.

Further they want to build a 4th mill (maybe 2013 begin construction, 2014 completion) to increase their production to 200000 ounces/ year !! At calculated cashflow of only 350$/ounce (worldclass !)  you can calculate the big big gain for yourself :-)

Strategy for growth:

- continue to ramp up production, target : 100000oz/year annualized end of 2013

- Exploration to expand resource (at present: 3 mio oz)

- Mill expansion to increase annual production rates ultimate > 200000oz/year

- increased exposure to asian market investors = stock re evaluation (Hongkong Listing)

- Growth trough M&A

Cheers Fred